Counter Drone Technology

At IGP we have made a careful analysis how each conceivable drone type may be flown to a target with the least change of detection. Then we have selected the best sensors to detect them as early as possible and control or destroy them far from their target, synergising input data and driving defence.

We actually build our own drones as a continuous challenge to our defences.

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A hostile drone takes only 30 seconds to travel one kilometer. Long range detection and immediate action is therefore crucial.

We detect and eliminate ALL threats:

  • small radio controlled models
  • autonomous variants that do not transmit radio signals
  • autonomous variants that neither transmit nor depend on radio signals for navigation and therefore cannot be jammed with RF or electromagnetic pulses
Our radar and RF solutions can be combined to offer protection for very large areas with automated tracking. Our centralised system combines multiple types of sensors to provide an accurate and long range coverage for the detection of all type of drones. Forming an effective defence system that includes the latest technologies.
Both mobile and fixed networkable solutions are available.

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