HitchHiker weighs less than 8 kg, has a length of 121 cm and a 70 cm wingspan. It can be launched automatically as soon as a threat is detected. With a top speed of over 300 kmh, it will intercept a target
at 5 km distance within 60 seconds. The HitchHiker will be guided by radar through IGP’s Perimaster software to engage and follow the target and provide detailed video and AI target Identification. HitchHiker can follow the target or mitigate using a very low collateral damage technology.


PERIMASTER C4I combines all sensors and effectors in a fully scalable network of devices through user and area adaptable GUI’s. PERIMASTER provides optimum situational awareness. It allows to take certain actions based on the information either automatically or through its informed users.
PERIMASTER will communicate with all common sensors and effectors available today.

Sector Alpha

Using SECTOR ALPHA for an area of 120° or more will disrupt drone communications within that area. The efficient override waveform technology uses a fraction of the power of traditional systems and will not cause interference with other systems on the ground. When needed, all sectors may be switched on at the same time creating 360° coverage.