DVB-S2X Modulators

The DM-06-S2X is a powerful DVB satellite modulator capable of generating carriers in DVB-S, DVB-S2 and DVB-S2X over L-band from 950 – 2150 MHz.

High Speed Satellite Modems

The SatExpander SE300X Professional IP Satellite Modem is the natural choice for data applications that require satellite transfer rates of up to 30Mbps

Ku-Band BUC’s Compact (25-40W)

The low cost Compact Ku-band BUC is built for VSAT stabilized platforms and mobile stations, while also offering benefits for fixed sites and offshore applications. Weighing only 3.1kg, makes it ideal for feed mounting.

SNG Systems

IGP’s VPS-X Gyro is the first satellite antenna system with a highly accurate GPS supported Gyro system replacing the electronic compass.

Deploying, pointing and optimizing within 30 seconds.