Counter Drone Technology

At IGP we have made a careful analysis how each conceivable drone type may be flown to a target with the least change of detection. Then we have selected the best sensors to detect them as early as possible and control or destroy them far from their target, synergising input data and driving defence.

We actually build our own drones as a continuous challenge to our defences.

Ku-Band BUCs (50 – 250 W)

Ideal solution for both mobile and fixed communication terminals. Designed for high efficiency, resulting in an optimal compact form factor with high performance and reliability. With the advanced customer interface and HTTP embedded web page, the operator is able to monitor and control both BUC and the system redundancy.

Network Consultancy

With a long track record of advanced and successful network implementation we provide consultancy on both satellite as well as terrestrial network development applying the latest technologies, tested in our well equipped facilities and with utmost integrity.

Satellite Networks

IGP designs and builds comprehensive satellite and LTE based IP networks for fixed, portable and On-The-Move applications, leveraging more than 30 years of experience in advanced tracking and control technologies. IGP also provides ultra secure connectivity services through its teleports in Amsterdam, Cyprus and Toronto.

SNG Systems

IGP’s VPS-X Gyro is the first satellite antenna system with a highly accurate GPS supported Gyro system replacing the electronic compass.

Deploying, pointing and optimizing within 30 seconds.