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VPS-X Gyro

In the mid 1990’s IGP’s VPS-II led the satellite industry into automated acquisition, using GPS and electronic compass. Now IGP’s VPS-X Gyro represents the next major technological breakthrough: the VPS-X Gyro is the first system with a highly accurate GPS supported Gyro system replacing the electronic compass.

The VPS-X Gyro is also the first antenna system that uses stepper motors for azimuth, elevation and polarization. These stepper motors increase precision, reliability and speed.

Thanks to these innovations IGP’s VPS-X Gyro system is able to achieve 0.2 degrees accuracy in azimuth; taking the dish straight to the desired satellite:

Deploying, pointing and optimizing within 30 seconds.

VPS-X Gyro 1.3 Meter - Technical Drawing
VPS-X Gyro 1.3 Meter - Technical Drawing © IGP